Chart of work of library



                               DEPARTAMENT                                    Working hours Days off
1. Scientifically methodical department 8.30-17.00



2. Department of information technologies and computer providing 8.30-17.00 Saturday Sunday
3. Department of completing and scientific treatment of documents 8.30-17.00 Saturday Sunday
4. Informatively bibliographic department 8.30-17.00 Saturday Sunday

Department of service

9.00-17.30 Saturday Sunday
6.                           Department of service (reading-rooms) :

- dissertation reading-room;

- a hall is rare and valuable editions

9.00-17.30 Saturday Sunday
hall of electronic resources (room № 181) 9.00-18.00 Saturday Sunday
  • - hall psikhologo-pedagogical literatures;
  • - hall of public literature;
  • - hall of philological literature and editions by foreign languages;

- hall of literature is from natural and applied sciences

9.00-18.00 Saturday Sunday

 Notes: 1) на абонементі навчальної та наукової літератури the last Thursday each month is a sanitary day; in all other subsections of library - last friday each month;

                     2)During vacations all subsections of library work from 9.00 to 17.30.


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