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The Scientific Issues of Ternopil National Pedagogical Volodymyr Hnatiuk University. Specialization: Art Studies

 Naukovì zapiski Ternopìlʹsʹkogo nacìonalʹnogo pedagogìčnogo unìversitetu ìmenì Volodimira Gnatûka. Serìâ: Mistectvoznavstvo.

General Information
Founded: 1999.
Edition type by a specified purpose: scientific.
Category of readers: students, teachers, professors, scientists and others.
Program objectives: publication of scientific and pedagogical innovation research results.
Certificate of state registration: KV №15877-4349 issued by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine 12.10.2009
By Resolution of MES of Ukraine from 07.10.2015 № 1021  Collected Scientific Works "Scientific Issues of Ternopil National Pedagogical Volodymyr Hnatiuk University. Series: Art Studies " are included into the list of scientific professional editions of Ukraine.
ISSN 2411-3271


The collection is included into the Scientific Index Service (SIS)

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 Also is indexed by the international scientometric base Index Copernicus
Frequency of magazine publication: 2 times a year.
Language of publication: Ukrainian, Russian, English.
Founder: Ternopil National Pedagogical Volodymyr Hnatiuk University
Editor-in-chief: Smolyak Oleg - Doctor of Arts, Professor.




Editorial address: 46027, Ukraine. Ternopil,  Vynnychenko Str, 10, Faculty of Arts, office. 311.
+380982654382 - Editor-in-chief
+380973591862 – Executive Secretary

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Nykorak Olena - Doctor of Arts, Professor.
Ursu Natalia - Doctor of Arts, Professor.
Otto Biba - Habilitation Doctor, Professor (Austria).
Orest Holubets - Doctor of Arts, Professor.
Anna Vypyh-Havronska - Habilitation Doctor, Professor (Poland).
Ludmyla Kondratska - Doctor of of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor.
Psherembskyy Zbigniew Jerzy - Habilitation Doctor, Professor (Poland).
Ivan Zulyak - Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor.
Maria Markovych - Candidate of Arts, assistant professor.
Natalia Poplavska - Doctor of Philology, Professor.
Bogdan Wodianyy - Candidate of Arts, assistant professor.
Mykola Barmak - Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor.
Pavlo Smolyak - Candidate of Historical Sciences, assistant professor..
Pavlo Korinenko - Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor


Requirements of an article


Рік Номер, випуск періодики
2019 рік №1    
2018 рік №1  №2  
2017 рік №1 №2  
2016 рік №1 №2  
2015 рік №1    
2014 рік №1 №2 №3
2013 рік №1 №2
2012 рік №1 №2 №3
2011 рік №1 №2  
2010 рік №1    
2009рік  №1 №2  
2007рік  №1    
2006 рік    №2  
2005 рік  №1 №2  
2004 рік  №1    
2003 рік  №1 №2 №3

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